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Instant Satisfaction

It’s Hip, it’s Now, it’s the Photo Booth. Well, it’s not really new it’s been around since the 1920’s.  It’s creator, Russian born Anatol Josephewitz (later Josepho) left to us a legacy of instant entertainment and years of memories.


As a child Anatol was fascinated with photography and with his Brownie Box camera would travel the world with his father. As he grew and his education continued he opened his first photography studio  in Budapest. Burning in the back of his mind was his idea of an automated photo machine. After years of travel and much research he went to Hollywood to learn about motion pictures and film making. After he learned what he needed he left to New York.


He began to raise money ($11,000.00) to accomplish his dream and in September 1925 he had opened up his Photomaton Studio on Broadway, between 51st and 52nd streets. Crowds, as many as 7,500 people a day, would line up to have their photos taken for 25 cents for a strip of eight: the place came to be known as ‘Broadway’s greatest quarter-snatcher.


As of the last few year I have seen this automated photo machine have new life in the event world. If you are hosting an event you must have the latest in automated entertainment. I agree, we as a culture have embraced this form of instant gratification coupled with our natural narcissistic frame of mind (Hee, hee, pun intended). 


The photo booth will help your next event be a great success at prices that range from $450-$850. There are different photo options, photo books keepsakes and even instagram looks. Your guests will have the time of their lives not only being a part of your day but being able to participate in the photo fun.Image

If you are planning a wedding or event in Southern California and are looking to book a photo booth for your event give us a call to check availability 562-694-0628. Our rates start at $575.00 for 4 hours of photo booth service. For an additional $45.00 we will include a keepsake memory book of the photos that your guests will be able to sign at your event.

We can also be reached via email,  

Check us out at:


Beautiful Oceanside Wedding Destination


As a Southern California wedding photographer it’s always an adventure when you come across a place so serine, beautiful and relaxing and you didn’t even know it was there. That’s how it was for my wife and I when we passed South Orange County and entered the Oceanside Marina and found a gem of a hotel there, The Oceanside Marina Suites. Some of the amenities were easy parking, spacious rooms, a great view and lots of close restaurants within walking distance.


We were there to photograph the wedding of Karen & Eric, a very fun couple who was referred to us by a former bridal client of mine. The day started out in Karen’s room with hair, makeup and other preparations. I love these scene setter shots that help to tell the story of their wedding day.



Eric and Karen were both great to work with. They were both so casual and relaxed; it was hard not to be in such a soothing environment. The colors they picked were perfect ans complemented their day.



The wedding ceremony was held at the point of the hotel in a picturesque gazebo. With blue skies, a cool breeze and surrounded by your closest friends and family how could it not be the picture perfect day?


We used an open balcony to shoot a group photo of all the guests as a keepsake for the wedding couple. As we moved into the group portrait session there was a very smooth transition for family and friends to the reception.



The hotel had many great photo opportunities the first one I noticed was the beautiful staircase in the lobby. The wood railings went perfect with the warm Tuscan colors on the walls. 


As we made our way to the beach for our sunset session the light was perfect. Eric and Karen were very flexible with my posing requests even when I asked them to sit on the sand.


As the sun set on this gorgeous scene I was so satisfied with the results of our day. We had helped another couple preserve the memories of their wedding day through our photography and artistic skill. It is so rewarding to help create images of fun and laughter on the happiest day of people’s lives.


If you would like to know more about Gary from ImageWorks Photography please feel free to give us a call at 562-694-0628, email me directly or visit our website.



From the messy dask of an artist


Coming up with a blog post is like trying to think of the dream you will have tonight. You can’t make it happen, it just does. It comes when you least expect it, like when you show up for a shoot and see that person for the first time and the first words that come out of your mouth are “Haven’t I seen you somewhere before”. Yea, that really happened!

So it happened last Friday night that I received a call from one of my young photo apprentices who had a question about headshots and prices. She was approached about doing headshots and wanted some advice from me. She explained that the guy wanted head shots and was on a tight budget so I told her that for a minimum of $100.00 I could help him out with something simple. When she had called me back she told me that he thought that was too much. As we talked further I asked her “how much is his face worth”? Because when we think about photography and headshots many people think that because they own a capture device AKA camera that makes them a photographer.

Again, the question, “How much is your face worth?” We’ve heard for years, you get what you pay for but when it comes right down to it and we have to commit and hand over a credit card we are all trying to get a deal. I can’t argue with that except when it comes to today’s on-line presence. You cannot cut corners when it comes to your face. These days people are much more savvy when it comes to lighting and composition and can tell when you DIY a photo or went a step further and hired a pro.

Bad Headshot

I pulled these example photos off the web after doing a web search for “Bad headshots”. I’m sure these are not the worst but this may be the best of some camera owners.

good headshot

These are a few examples of what good headshots are suppose to look like. Some things to consider when looking for a photographer to hire. Can you connect with them on a personal level? Do they make you feel comfortable in front of the camera? Do they make you “say cheese?” If your photographer has not updated his or her style or equipment they may give you something that is a bit outdated and not worth your money or time.

Last but most important, Who will be seeing these photos of you? Are these for acting, modeling, TV, corporate or a dating site. This is key to getting what you need and this is where communication with your photographer is vital. Also do a little background search on them , ask to see their website or portfolio.

I know there are piles of people out there clamoring for your business and you may be in a hurry but please take your time, plan and ask the right questions because as you and I know “Image is Everything”.

If you wann get to know more about us check us out at

Wedding photography at the Summit House Restaurant in Fullerton, CA

On location in Fullerton, CA


As a professional Southern California wedding photographer I have had unique opportunities to photograph at very cool venues. One of those places was the Summit House restaurant in Fullerton, CA. It’s a hill top retreat environment with impeccable service and fantastic food.

Our afternoon started with bridal portraits before the ceremony in a very picturesque setting. The light was filtering through the trees as I worked with Crystal and the girls. There was a wide variety of ares to shoot and I was able to capture some fantastic images.

As the sun went down the ceremony was illuminated by candle light and the city lights of Down Town Brea could be seen in the distance.


Some of the images I included are from their Monarch Design Album. I take pride in the work we do to build these albums. It was a real pleasure shooting this event and I would highly recommend it as a wedding or event destination.

Photographing weddings in Southern California has always been a very exciting experience for me and I hope to share more of these beautiful experiences with engaged couples planning their wedding.

If you wanna see more photography from the Summit House Check it out here: Summit House Demo

Day in LA

Los Angeles is an amazing city. Once you think you know every side street, every hip place, you find something new. I probably shouldn’t drive and shoot but it’s kind of become a habit. I was cruising through LA yesterday looking for inspiration and I found it. As I was about to cross over the 5th street bridge I noticed some very cool graffiti and a guy just Imagekickin back next to the street. It looked like a real peak into life. I shot a few images of the scene and kept on moving. I’ll throw up a few shots and let you know where to find more.

Creativity fuels the soul of the artist. Innovation and expression burn in the chambers of the heart. Light splashes across surfaces, shadows define depth and the eyes reveal truth.

First quarter of 2011 and this world is looking a little bit crazy. It’s becoming a little more challenging to keep my mind on all the projects at hand. The mos fun I’ve had has been my photography class. It’s so cool to be able to share all my years of knowledge and experience with people who really want to learn. My students come in looking for the technical side of photography. The owners manuals are so confusing even I have a problem sometimes. It’s great though seeing their images getting better and better as the class goes on.

Wedding season has really been heating up. I have been so busy lately with all the wedding consultations and booking appointments. I am so glad my beautiful wife picked up an iPad for me this past Christmas. This has streamlined my mobile presentations for my weddings. Here’s a taste of my latest shoot Erin & Chris Fuller in Fullerton. The reception was at the Meridian Club, Colette Catering handled the dinner service and it was fantastic.