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From the messy dask of an artist


Coming up with a blog post is like trying to think of the dream you will have tonight. You can’t make it happen, it just does. It comes when you least expect it, like when you show up for a shoot and see that person for the first time and the first words that come out of your mouth are “Haven’t I seen you somewhere before”. Yea, that really happened!

So it happened last Friday night that I received a call from one of my young photo apprentices who had a question about headshots and prices. She was approached about doing headshots and wanted some advice from me. She explained that the guy wanted head shots and was on a tight budget so I told her that for a minimum of $100.00 I could help him out with something simple. When she had called me back she told me that he thought that was too much. As we talked further I asked her “how much is his face worth”? Because when we think about photography and headshots many people think that because they own a capture device AKA camera that makes them a photographer.

Again, the question, “How much is your face worth?” We’ve heard for years, you get what you pay for but when it comes right down to it and we have to commit and hand over a credit card we are all trying to get a deal. I can’t argue with that except when it comes to today’s on-line presence. You cannot cut corners when it comes to your face. These days people are much more savvy when it comes to lighting and composition and can tell when you DIY a photo or went a step further and hired a pro.

Bad Headshot

I pulled these example photos off the web after doing a web search for “Bad headshots”. I’m sure these are not the worst but this may be the best of some camera owners.

good headshot

These are a few examples of what good headshots are suppose to look like. Some things to consider when looking for a photographer to hire. Can you connect with them on a personal level? Do they make you feel comfortable in front of the camera? Do they make you “say cheese?” If your photographer has not updated his or her style or equipment they may give you something that is a bit outdated and not worth your money or time.

Last but most important, Who will be seeing these photos of you? Are these for acting, modeling, TV, corporate or a dating site. This is key to getting what you need and this is where communication with your photographer is vital. Also do a little background search on them , ask to see their website or portfolio.

I know there are piles of people out there clamoring for your business and you may be in a hurry but please take your time, plan and ask the right questions because as you and I know “Image is Everything”.

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  1. I know I’m glad I used your services!

    January 29, 2013

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