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Wedding photography at the Summit House Restaurant in Fullerton, CA

On location in Fullerton, CA


As a professional Southern California wedding photographer I have had unique opportunities to photograph at very cool venues. One of those places was the Summit House restaurant in Fullerton, CA. It’s a hill top retreat environment with impeccable service and fantastic food.

Our afternoon started with bridal portraits before the ceremony in a very picturesque setting. The light was filtering through the trees as I worked with Crystal and the girls. There was a wide variety of ares to shoot and I was able to capture some fantastic images.

As the sun went down the ceremony was illuminated by candle light and the city lights of Down Town Brea could be seen in the distance.


Some of the images I included are from their Monarch Design Album. I take pride in the work we do to build these albums. It was a real pleasure shooting this event and I would highly recommend it as a wedding or event destination.

Photographing weddings in Southern California has always been a very exciting experience for me and I hope to share more of these beautiful experiences with engaged couples planning their wedding.

If you wanna see more photography from the Summit House Check it out here: Summit House Demo

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