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Santa Monica Pier


What a very cool day this was. I don’t get opportunities to go out and just shoot for fun that often but when I do I like to go all the way out to places that inspire me. Santa Monica Pier is one of those places, I arrived about 5:30 pm and the light was perfect. I used the late afternoon light to capture more saturated colors.


I love to watch and capture what people are doing on the pier. I see families, children, couples and the people who just want to be alone and drink in the ambiance.


This particular young lady was a great study in light because of the way the light skimmed across her face and how the light bounced through her hair.


There was a vast array of people with very interesting personalities and talents. This variety helps to give Santa Monica a special spark.

As I walked around I was amazed at how many people were photographing each other and themselves. The capture culture we live in is particularly fascinating to me because of how people are living the experience, capturing the moments and sharing them so fast.


The pier itself is very cool to walk on. I have grown up in Southern California and have always loved the beach and how fun it is cruse the pier, look at the view and to appreciate God’s creation.


We love watching the sun go down. It’s so calming and the funny thing is that the sun is going down all day but we don’t notice it ’til it gets close to the horizon. I have always loved watching the sun rise and go down because of tranquility of the moment.


As I walked I came across a very talented musician. Kyle Warren, singer, Songwriter and Performer. A very nice guy who has big dreams about making it big in music, I wish him all the best.


I am so glad I packed my tripod and shutter release. This was a night for long exposures. It was a clear night with a few clouds so I had optimum conditions for great colors. I was shooting at a low ISO around 120. My aperture setting was F22 and my shutter speed was between 5 seconds and 90 seconds.



If you get a chance to get outdoors soon I highly recommend heading on down to the Santa Monica Pier for some relaxation, inspiration oh yea, and kettle corn.

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  1. Linda #

    Your work is inspiring! Somehow you seem to capture the everyday things and make them look fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing, I want to see more!

    October 23, 2012
    • imageworksweddings #

      Thanks for the very kind words. I’ll be posting again soon.

      October 23, 2012
  2. Nice photos,
    it really feels just like Santa Monica!

    October 26, 2012

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